TAD PGS, Inc. FAA Production Technical Operator in Tucson, Arizona

FAA Production Technical Operator

Category: Light Industrial/Manufacturing


TAD PGS, INC. is currently seeking a FAA Production Technical Operator for one of our clients in Tucson, AZ.

Performs highly complex tasks and has in-depth knowledge for specific production processes required for the manufacture, assembly, repair or modification of products. Is accountable for the manufacturing and/or testing of new and/or prototype products.

Job Description:

  • Work guided by diverse procedures, processes and/or technical methods of varying complexity.

  • Incumbents have some freedom to select best methods and procedures to follow to complete assignments.

  • Tasks are complex in nature where considerable judgment and initiative are required in resolving problems and making recommendations.

  • Decisions/actions may have an impact beyond the job’s immediate work unit or team.

  • Workconducted under general Supervision. Situations not covered by standard processes, procedures and methodsare referred to expert resource.

  • May provide functional guidance to others performing similar work and/or act as team lead.

  • May demonstrate work methods to new employees. Deals directly with immediate supervisor, coworkers and team members, engages in exchange of factual information and provides some explanation in a problem solving capacity; interactions with external contacts, if applicable, requires exchanging factual information and providing some explanation.

  • As a specialist for an assigned specific area, directs and succeeds specific work skill (know-how) to group members.

  • Works under the direction of managers or with engineers to manufacture and/or test prototype and/or new customer products. And also, in situations not covered by standard processes, procedures and methods, he/she may give his/her suggestions to engineers/managers to establish methods and procedures for production/testing which are applicable to the situation.

  • Furthermore, recognizes the point of issue related to Design, and may inform and/or ask the design engineer to take corrective action.

  • In addition to the above, ability to create work instructions and/or test procedures with consideration to actual work environment and rationality based on limited information at hand. Furthermore, using the above said work instructions and/or test procedures, ability to appropriately establish required training programs for customers and provide direction to employees on the work and/or test methodologies.

  • Performs tasks such as, but not limited to, the following:

  • Under limited supervision, responsible for the repair, overhaul, modification, test, diagnosis and inspection faults of aircraft electronic and electro-mechanical devices in support of FAA Repair Station.

  • Familiar with commonly used concepts, practices, and procedures within the field. Follows procedures and processes using various equipment in order to complete tasks. Ability to analyze, troubleshoot and rework aircraft components in accordance with established procedures, and provide recommendations on steps need to return to service in accordance with FAA and other regulations.

  • Provides technical support and coordination required to produce prototypes. Provides feedback to relevanttechnical and/or support groups to ensure smooth ramp-up from prototype to full production.

  • Reviews and accurately interprets customer specifications. Provides daily support to production engineering initiatives that includes areas related to quality, processes, industry and exploitation technology.

  • Facilitates identification of problems and resolution of defects in facilities and/or processes. Provides assistance to reduce cycle times and improve process flow.

  • Gathers data related to specific standard time, costs and bottlenecks.

  • Develops programs for automated visual inspection, to capture data on initiatives related to statistical reports on process management.

  • Designs and develops highly specific test tools to establish interfaces between products and specific computer systems that control automated testing units. Designs and develops custom circuits and adaptors to establish interfaces between functions & highly specific circuits for new products and computers.

  • Applies specialized testers to existing auto-testers. Develop complex programs to handle computer languages to control auto testers based on various types of programming.

  • Performs complex tests, debugging, fault analysis, modification of electric circuits and validation of design for new and/or prototype products based on limited instruction from electrical and/or mechanical engineers.

  • Undertakes work related to product specification, circuit and design drawings: performs assembly, test, debugging, repair and modification of prototype for new products.

  • Functions as the focal point for all product data related to technical issues.

  • Facilitate communication with customers to enhance quality or process yields related to product data release procedures.

  • Limited participation in component selection, BOM maintenance, circuit drawings, manufacturing and test requests.

  • Addresses design debugging, validation, design change process. Coordinates component purchasing, test and assembly activities. Performs test and analysis to ensure high performance assembly and products are in compliance to specification.

  • Is accountable for issuing timely and accurate test data, generating reports, interfacing with customers and examining issues with design teams.

  • In some cases, in order to satisfy customer request for changes, may need to support production system technology in relation to the design and implementation of a production system layout.

  • Possesses extensive knowledge and skills related to soldering and rework procedures for all products, and ability to provide technical guidance to operators as well as, ability to perform tasks related to assembly (chassis/boards), modification, and design changes.

  • Ability to accurately interpret customer specifications and create standard procedures that lead to improving quality of products with design changes and/or process yields.

  • Possesses skills to support production system technology related to manufacturing methods.

    Job Responsibilities:

  • Performs highly complex tasks and has in-depth knowledge for specific production processes required for the manufacture, assembly, repair or modification of products. Is accountable for the manufacturing and/or testing of new and/o r prototype products.


  • Must possess specific certifications as defined by site operations.

  • More advanced manufacturing system knowledge.

  • Ability to identify problems in the assembly process and/or with assembly components and to further, address such problems.

  • Possesses knowledge of product quality, soldering specifications and SMT processing systems.

  • Ability to set up, operate, and maintain assembly and hand soldering of equipment and tools.

  • Knowledge and understanding of board assembly process and product process flow.

  • Ability to manufacture / test products with best methods or procedures in situations not covered by standard processes, procedures and methods.

  • Has ability to communicate effectively with a wide variety of internal and external customers.

  • Knowledge of computer applications and the ability to accurately perform tasks in the applications appropriate to the area e.g.: Word, Lotus Notes, Excel and Documentation control systems.

    Physical Demands:

  • Duties of this position are performed in a manufacturing environment with occasional to frequent exposure to

  • elements such as noise, dust, chemicals, operating machinery, temperature extremes, etc.

  • Duties of the position require periodic light physical effort and exertion including prolonged repetitive motions

  • requiring manual dexterity, precise hand/eye coordination, sitting in confined workspaces, using tools and

  • equipment, as well as, moving and handling materials.

  • Duties may require periodic heavy manual labour including lifting objects.

  • Duties require extended periods of sustained visual concentration on detailed documentation and product

  • assemblies.

  • Above demands are to be carried out within the local existing Health and Safety guidelines.

    Typical Experience:

  • Have five to ten years of relevant experience.

    Typical Education:

  • High school diploma and/or has taken additional courses after high school, or an equivalent combination of education, experience and/or commitment towards further additional education.

    Company Description:

    TAD PGS, INC. specializes in delivering secure, reliable and rapidly implemented workforce solutions to the U.S. Federal marketplace, including U.S. Government agencies and their prime contractors. With more than 50 years of experience, TAD PGS, INC. has earned a reputation for accountability, a value that government agencies and prime contractors both demand and deserve. TAD PGS, INC. sources professionals for the full spectrum of federal positions, from administrative to management, and those contracts requiring extremely niche-oriented technical skills and the highest levels of security clearance. VEVRAA Federal Contractor / Request Priority Protected Veteran Referrals / EOE Protected Veterans/Disability

    Location: Tucson , AZ

    Minimum Experience (yrs): 5

    Required Education: H.S. diploma or equivalent