UNS Energy Corporation Residential Metering Technician in Tucson, Arizona

Southwest Energy Solutions is accepting resume/applications for the position of* Residential Metering Technician, in our *Tucson location. The rate of pay for this position is $23.42 per hour.

_Position Description:_

This job classification provides the functions of initiating, reading and terminating electric service. This includes removing and exchanging single-phase self-contained meters not to exceed 300 volts. Additional tasks could include reading of auto switch capacitors.

_Essential Functions:(As defined under the Americans with Disabilities Act, these include the following responsibilities, minimum job knowledge, skills, and abilities. This is not necessarily an all-inclusive listing.)_

_Position-Related Responsibilities:_

  • Set, remove and install single-phase meters
  • Accurately read electric meters.
  • Maintenance or records pertaining to meter reading activities.
  • Reporting of unusual usage and/or situations, including broken and damaged meters.
  • Locating electrical meters at service points.
  • Disconnect and connect and reconnect of single-phase meters.
  • Removal and installation of plastic sleeves for connects and disconnects.
  • Checking meter numbers and verifying addresses.
  • Ability to communicate with customers and co-workers accurately and professionally.
  • Test and inspect single-phase sockets.
  • Perform assigned work in a safe and efficient manner in accordance with Company practices and procedures.

_Knowledge, skills and abilities:_

  • Departmental and Company terminology, programs and procedure.
  • Ability to identify TEP secondary service voltages.
  • Maintain a high level of awareness and responsibility to TEP and its customers.
  • Ability to test and inspect single-phase sockets for hazards or unusual activity.
  • Ability to follow written procedures and oral instructions.
  • Oral and written communication skills.
  • Completion required training and demonstration of related tasks.
  • Must have a valid Arizona Driver’s License.

All employees are expected and required to adhere to the Company Code of Ethics and Principles of Conduct.

Company: Southwest Energy Solutions

Location: Tucson, AZ

Job Category: Metering Services

Position Type: Classified