Raytheon Sr Electrical Engineer II/Principal Electrical Engineer in Tucson, Arizona

The Test Systems Solutions Center (TSSC) applies a systems approach to provide total test solutions that ensure the quality of Raytheon Missile Systems (RMS) products. The TSSC uses common platforms and processes to design/develop production, depot and engineering test stations. Opportunities include: Domestic and international travel Innovative rapid prototyping Supporting live-fire testing of our products Designing , developing or using commercial software for simulation and test equipment environments Designing, developing or integrating methods and equipment to effectively test systems. Job Description: The selected candidate will provide Electrical Engineering support as a member of a multi-disciplined team composed of various engineering disciplines (Electrical, Software, Mechanical, Firmware/Configurable Logic, etc). The team will be responsible for performing design, development and integration of RMS test products within the Test Systems Solution Center (TSSC). The candidate will be responsible for any one or all of the following for a given test system: (1) assisting in defining and documenting test requirements, (2) defining system architecture (block diagrams, design concepts, etc), (3) developing detailed designs and drawings (including interconnects, cables, circuit card assemblies, rack mounted electrical enclosures, etc), (4) trade-studies and selection of commercial off the shelf (COTS) components and equipment, (5) working with drafters to document and release drawings, (6) supporting design reviews with customers and management at various phases of the design process, (7) providing oversight to technicians during hardware assembly and installation, and (8) testing/verification of completed designs. Other tasks may include updating or adding to existing Test Systems, or providing support to maintain operation of existing Test Systems (diagnosing failures, updates based on improved technology or requirements changes, etc). All efforts by the candidate will be performed while managing the technical, budget, and schedule considerations for their assigned projects. The qualified candidate will also be expected to conform to a process driven environment following procedures and practices established to guide an engineer through the different phases of test equipment implementation including design, fabrication, documentation, and support. Required Skills: A minimum of 6 years professional electrical engineering design experience is required. (Note: Sr Electrical Engineer II/ Principal Electrical Engineer - This is a dual requisition; for the G10 position, a minimum of 8 years professional electrical engineering design experience is required.) Must be able to develop electrical subsystems or printed circuit boards for RF, analog and/or digital systems. Must have experience troubleshooting, testing and integrating electrical subsystems. Must be familiar with common electrical engineering tools for schematic capture and simulation (e.g. Orcad, PSpice, Mentor Graphics, Workbench, Multisim, Altium) Must have a working knowledge of PC hardware, operating systems and networking. Must have working knowledge of Microsoft office tools (e.g. Word, Excel, MS Project and PowerPoint) Must be a self-starter and able to manage workload to meet assigned deadlines The candidate must have the ability to provide technical leadership in a multidiscipline team environment. Must have the ability and willingness to utilize existing designs as a starting point to interface with new units under test (UUTs) and UUT configurations when necessary. Desired Skills: Experience with automated test equipment development Experience with mass interconnect solutions commonly used in test environments (VPC, Mac-Panel, etc) Experience with common industry-standard digital interfaces and protocols (TTL, RS422, CAN BUS, MIL-STD-1553, Ethernet, etc). Experience with test and measurement of RF signals (Spectrum Analyzer, Network Analyzer, Power Meters) Working knowledge of RF propagation and antenna characterization. Experience with modular hardware architectures commonly used for automated test (PXI, VXI, LXI, etc). Experience with software development Experience with test and measurement of analog signals (Oscilloscope, Signal Generators, Digitizers, DMM) Experience with test and measurement of digital signals (Logic Analyzers, Oscilloscope, Counters) Excellent technical writing and formal presentation experience Demonstrated ability to lead single- or multi-disciplinary team of engineers Bid and proposal experience Project management experience U.S. Citizenship status is required as this position needs an active U.S. Security Clearance as of day one of employment. Required Education (including Major): Bachelor’s Degree (Master’s Degree is preferred) in Electrical Engineering, Electrical Engineering Technology, Computer Engineering or related field. C h e ck us out on You T ub e : Rayth e on C ompany Overview Are you ready to b e remarkable with Raytheon? T h e Five Most Powerful Missil e s Made by Rayth e on Standard Missil e -3 F light Test (FTM-25) Th i s pos iti on requ i res t he e li g i b ilit y t o ob t a i n a secur it y c l earance. Non-US c iti zens may no t be e li g i b l e t o ob t a i n a secur it y c l earance. The De f ense Industrial S ecurit y C learance O ffice (DI SCO ) , an agency o f t he Depar t men t o f De f ense, hand l es and ad j ud i ca t es t he secur it y c l earance process. Secur it y c l earance f ac t ors i nc l ude, but are no t li m it ed t o, a ll eg i ance t o t he US, f ore i gn i n fl uence, f ore i gn preference , cri m inal conduct , securit y v iolations and drug i nvo l vemen t . Emp l oymen t is con ti ngen t on o t her f ac t ors, i nc l ud i ng, but no t li m it ed to, background checks and drug screens . http : //www . dss .m il/ps m o - i/indusps m o - iinteri m.html 109959

Raytheon is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or protected Veteran status.